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A fresh new look for digital insurance

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Our objective -

"Give one of the UK's largest insurers a more up to date, digital-first online presence."

Where do we start? -

Insurance websites are visited infrequently, as once insurance is purchased there isn't usually much need for the customer to return unless they want to purchase new insurance, update their existing policies or to make a claim. Due to the nature of these visits, the site has the need for a very task-focussed IA and a UI to match - get people where they need to get to efficiently. Because people don't return to the website often it's unlikely that they will rememeber how to access the details they wanted a year ago, and well, why should they?

By clearly signposting each More Than product on sale, and a very clear split between new and exisiting customers the website allows for users to clearly and quickly identify where the information they are seeking out is housed.

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Creating a voice -

Insurance is boring. There are no two ways about it - it's a grudge purchase. Something you spend money on each year that you'll only get use out of in the unlikely event of the unthinkable happening. More Than's demographic is slightly older than other insurers and the website needed to appeal to them. The fluorescent green of old was removed, in favour of a more subtle, cooler dark green and accompanying colorscheme. The imagery feels upmarket and personal, the images all being fairly close-up or in the home.

Calls to action are extremely clear, and information is laid-out in a scanable mobile-first designed layout. Insurance Customers are extremely hesitant and having the information they need in an easy to read format helps to alleviate some of their purchase worry.

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Quick & effective -

  • ✓ Clear and concise IA
  • ✓ Update policy in a single tap
  • ✓ Transparent UI, nothing hidden
  • ✓ Multi-page form for less cognitive load
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At home on Mobile & Desktop -

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I'm a Designer currently living in Wiltshire, UK. Previously I spent 10 years of my career in London designing for startups.

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