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Digital Banking for Children

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Our objective -

"Create a compelling and tangible first-time banking experience for children where they can save, earn and learn about their money."

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Where do we start? -

The accounts that corporate banks offer children are sub-par. There is nothing to differentiate their propositions and largely they are the current accounts offered to adults minus the overdraft facility.

Children are not educated to appreciate and be wise with money in school. With the quick fix credit and pay day loan culture becoming more and more prevalent, we decided to try to kick start a childs banking experience with actionable education and value.

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Save, earn & learn -

The key thing we wanted to address was to help children learn about the money they save, and earn money by way of rewards whilst doing it. Giving the children a digital vault where they can store their birthday money, or their pocket money but allowing them to supplement their balances with cashback when their parents buy online via their very own virtual shop gave them their first foray into the world of tangible financial benefit. Each time the child recieves the cashback their parents have earned for them, they would get the opportunity to 'turbo-boost' their earnings by answering correctly 3 questions based around the money they've just recieved.

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Visual cohesion -

  • ✓ A brand mascot that can grow with the child
  • ✓ Clean and trustworthy interface
  • ✓ Subtle but delightful interaction details
  • ✓ Simplified language and tone of voice
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Meet SAM -

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Hey, I'm Ben

I'm a Designer currently living in Wiltshire, UK. Previously I spent 10 years of my career in London designing for startups.

If you require a designer, then we should chat.